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Summer Drop-In Tours

Stop by for a tour at Storrowton this summer! From June 18 through August 16, individuals and small groups can take guided tours Tuesday through Friday from 11am to 3pm. Please note that the last tour of the day leaves at 2:15pm.

Summer drop-in tour tickets are $7 per person and free for children under 6. Descriptions of this year's add-on activities are listed below and are available for $1 per person per activity.

Groups of 10 or more are welcome at Storrowton and should schedule a tour in advance for an optimized experience. Please call ahead and speak with Jackie Sullivan at 413-205-5051.

2019 Summer Tour Add-On Activities

All activities are $1 per person per activity and last about 15 minutes, unless otherwise specified. Some activities may extend longer for larger groups.

Old Fashioned Games on the Green
Ideal for any size group and age
What did children and their families do for fun in 1840? Toys and games may have looked very different than they do now, but there was still no lack of fun during down time. Try out some traditional outdoor games on our Village Green – hoop rolling, sack races, and quoits (ring toss) – and bring your best running, hopping, and tossing skills to be the winner!

Seed Planting in Aunt Helen’s Herb Garden
Ideal for any size group and age
Gardening and farming in 1840 was a necessity of life in New England that every family participated in in some way. Some families had large prosperous farms while others gardened enough to provide fresh fruits and vegetables for their tables. Learn about gardening in early New England in this activity and plant a seed of your own to take home with you.

Quill Pen Writing in the School House
Ideal for any size group ages 6+
Before most of our messages were sent via e-mail and ball point pens, everything had to be hand written with goose feathers known as quill pens. What was it like to write with one and where did the ink come from? Try your hand at writing and even take home a sample of your work!

Scavenger Hunt throughout the Tour
Ideal for any size group ages 6+
There’s so much to see on our tours, look closely or you might miss some details! Take along our activity booklet on your tour and see what you can find along the way. Complete the scavenger hunt for a small prize at the end of your tour and take home your booklet to create a memory of your time at Storrowton.

Raffia Basket Weaving in the Gilbert Farmhouse
Ideal for small groups ages 8+
Basket weaving was an important craft and dates back long before the evolution of colonized New England. Baskets were used for a variety of practical purposes from gathering produce from the garden to storing items throughout the home. Learn how weaving a basket works and take home your creation!
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