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Aunt Helen’s Herb Garden


Aunt Helen's Herb Garden (1935)

Aunt Helen’s Herb Garden was originally planned, planted and given to Storrowton Village in 1935 by the New England Girl Scouts. It was a gift of appreciation and affection for Helen Storrow, who was one of the organization’s most ardent and generous supporters. The planting plan was drawn by Mrs. G.H.H. Kirkwood, a trained and experienced landscape architect and teacher from Winchester, MA, who also designed the Harvard Botanical Garden. The garden is filled with plants that were grown for their usefulness by the early New England settlers. It contains herbs brought over by the Pilgrims, as well as herbs indigenous to North America. The herb garden has since evolved into an educational garden. Each section is designated for a different purpose for which the herbs were used in the 1800s-medicinal, culinary, household and textile.
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