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The Little Red Schoolhouse

The Little Red Schoolhouse (c. 1810)

The Little Red Schoolhouse, or North Center School, was built as a model school in 1810 in Whately, Mass. About 100 years later, after the school was no longer in use, it was sold to Helen Storrow and included in her New England village in 1930.

The tower was adapted from a schoolhouse in Vergennes, Vermont, and added when the school was moved here.

Authentic blackboards made of boards, plaster and black paint, line all the walls in the schoolhouse. This feature would have been considered progressive when the structure was built.

Children of all ages attended the one-room schoolhouse, practicing lessons in reading, writing and arithmetic. As they progressed in their education, exposure to history and geography followed.

Because of their farm chores, boys attended school half as often as girls and generally, their education took two years longer. Children began school at age 3 and continued until age 16 for girls and 18 for boys.
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