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Visitor Questions

These are the answers to some questions that our visitors during the 2023 Big E wrote down. If you've got a question about Storrowton Village Museum, you can shoot an email to storrow@thebige.com.

Potter Mansion

Why are the ceilings different heights from one room to another?

How was John Potter able to learn so many crafts? Who taught him? What was it like to accumulate so much wealth during the period he lived in?

How old are the ceramic cats in the kitchen and where did they come from?

Gilbert Farmstead

What is the machine with the hand crank for (on the floor)?

How do they get the candles out of the mold?

Where in West Brookfield was the house?

What are the metal tongs under the pipe box in the parlor?

Carriage House

What is the history of the carriage house?

Who is the carpenter of the carriage house?

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