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Classroom Outreach

Bring Storrowton Village to Your Classroom

Museum To Go

Museum To Go is a way to bring the 19th century to life in your school or home classroom. Packets include a variety of age-appropriate activities to engage learners in a way relevant to their 21st century lives and curriculum. Each packet includes 8 activities geared toward Grade 3, appropriate for Grades 2-5. Packets include supplies for hands-on activities.

  • Writing: Understanding Historical Time Periods
  • Drawing & Imagination: Draw a picture of what you would look like if you lived in the 19th century
  • Maps: Use the compass to understand directions and navigate through the Storrowton Village map
  • Reading: Storrowton Village word search
  • Math: Learn the game Shut the Box (includes 2 dice)
  • Science: What is a magnet? Determine items that are magnetic and items that are not (includes a magnet and nail ring made in the blacksmith shop and a few other small objects for comparison)
  • Activity: Basket weaving – learn about an important craft in the 19th century (includes basket weaving supplies)
  • Fact vs. Fiction: Answer the questions based on activities completed throughout the booklet to understand fact vs. fiction

Community Outreach

Museum staff and volunteers are available to visit your classroom to engage students in hands-on activities including basket weaving, spinning, quill pen writing, first person presentations, character development, anthropological archaeology, old fashioned games, and much more.

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