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Eddy Law Office

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The Eddy Law Office

Photo of the Eddy Law Office at Storrowton Village Museum
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The Eddy Law Office was built in 1810 in Middleboro, Massachusetts. This small, Federal style building is typical of the one and two-room offices built by professionals who wanted to move their occupational offices into dedicated spaces outside of their homes. While it’s smaller than most office waiting rooms of today, it was all that was needed for Zachariah Eddy’s work. For Eddy, a prominent 19th century attorney, this office was the center of his legal practice and a hot-bed of political and religious discussions. The distinctive feature of this building is its elegantly arched roof. The Eddy Law Office was moved to Storrowton Village in 1929 and Helen Storrow thankfully sought to preserve this unique architectural example - the last of its kind - for future admirers.
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