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In our non-stop, over-scheduled, plugged-in, wireless, app-filled world we have created incredible opportunities to expand our children’s knowledge of lives and events well beyond the boundaries of their neighborhood, state or country. Information in visual and audio forms is literally only a touch or swipe away.

But these are, in reality, all “virtual” experiences; what are our children missing out on in the real world?

There is still the potential to inspire our children in ways that stimulate their interest and excitement and engages all of their senses…

For over three decades, Storrowton Village Museum has been specializing in experiential learning for school children. Our Educational Programs feature hands-on 19th century activities that students wouldn’t otherwise get the opportunity to experience: cooking over an open hearth, doing lessons using slates and quill pens, apprenticing in the Blacksmith shop, learning math by shopping in an old-fashioned General Store.

For more information on the educational programs, visit:

The fuller the experiences of youth, the broader the mind of the child
and the more truly fulfilled their lives will be.
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