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Storrowton Tavern, one of the area’s finest restaurants and banquet facilities, is comprised of two antique buildings.

The Atkinson Tavern (c. 1789)

The Atkinson Tavern once stood at Atkinson Hollow in the town of Prescott, Massachusetts. Prescott, along with three other Swift River Valley towns, was claimed by the state to become Quabbin Reservoir. Helen Storrow “rescued” the building in 1928 and brought it to her blossoming Early American Village. The tavern’s original owner, John Atkinson, used it as a store and tavern and home to his family.

Dances and town meetings took place on the second floor of the tavern in what was the largest hall in Prescott. The rooms used by the family were separated from the store and taproom by a hallway.

Comfortable fireplaces and beautiful paneling still grace this fine example of Early American architecture. The granite hitching posts, linked with iron chains, remain standing in front of the building.

The Southwick Baptist Meeting House (c. 1822)

The Baptist Meeting House was brought to Storrowton Village from Southwick, Mass., in 1930 and was then modified to represent a New England townhouse. To achieve this look, the tower and bell were moved from the end of the building to the middle during reconstruction.

The Meeting House was joined to the Atkinson Tavern, already operating as Storrowton Tavern, in 1957, doubling the size of the restaurant.

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