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Volunteer Outreach

Storrowton Village and the Creative Arts of The Big E are offering the opportunity to come talk to your organization, classroom, group, or workplace about volunteering opportunities! Storrowton Village and the Creative Arts Department want to engage in a Community Outreach initiative to offer more people the opportunity to volunteer on The Big E grounds. For information about what it would be like to volunteer for Storrowton Village or the Creative Arts Department, click here.

Below are some of the topics that representatives from Storrowton Village and the Creative Arts at The Big E would come talk to you and your group about. If you would like to sign up for them to come speak please fill out this quick form for us.

Brief History of Creative Arts of The Big E
The Home Department was started in 1917. In 1932, the First National Quilt Contest was held with more than 600 quilts submitted. This contest was held at Eastern States Exposition for three more years. It then resumed from 1954 through 1966. The Quilt Contest became the Eastern States Creative Craft Adventure in 1967 and included a wide range of crafts from rugs to embroidery and quilts. The event was held in August, prior to the opening of The Fair, and only the top winners were exhibited during the fair. In 2007, the department was renamed Creative Arts and all entries received were displayed during the fair. Today, Creative Arts holds over 40 competitions during The Big E.

Brief History of Storrowton Village
On the site of the Home Department, Helen Storrow had the Gilbert Farmhouse moved into place in 1927. Following the popularity of the Gilbert Farmhouse and early New England activities, all historic buildings were in place around the Village Green by 1930 and was coined Storrowton Village. Storrowton Village Museum today runs multiple education programs and supports the greater mission of the Eastern States Exposition.

Volunteer Outreach Talking Points

Creative Arts at the Big E


  • Opportunities: pre-fair set up, assisting judges, serving as an Ambassador during the fair, post-fair entry pick-up.
  • Benefits: complimentary admission to the fair; free meals, snacks, and water during shifts; appreciation trips and dinners.


  • Individuals and groups can show how to do their crafts to fairgoers.


  • Enter various departments for the chance to win ribbons, premium money, and more.
  • Fiber arts, canning, baking, photography, fine arts, and more.
  • Exposure for new artists.


  • Learn what the judges look for or the opportunity to become a judge.

Donation Opportunities

  • A chance to recognize exhibitors for their accomplishment through special recognition.
  • Encourage beginners to continue their craft.
  • Promotion of your group through printed materials and social media.

Storrowton Village

Volunteering at the Village:
  • Samantha DePergola, Adult Education Coordinator, discusses the various volunteering opportunities offered year round at Storrowton Village.
  • Flexible volunteering opportunities
  • Storrowton Village offers learning, community, and the opportunity to meet people from all over the country during The Big E.
  • Opportunities include:
    • being an interpreter during The Big E
    • being an interpreter during Yuletide
    • joining our sewing club,
    • getting your hands dirty in our gardens
    • teaching kids during our school programs.
Making History Accessible:
Sam DePergola will discuss-
  • Preserving the history of the Pioneer Valley has always been a group effort through the various museums and organizations who have made it their priority
  • Highlighting the importance and significance of Historians in the Pioneer Valley; and their job of preserving and making history accessible.
  • Learn how you can start helping preserve history through the presentation, Making Preservation Accessible.
  • Students with a passion for history and future museum professionals will learn opportunities available to them as new comers in the field.
  • Attendees will leave this presentation with the knowledge of how they might be able to start a collection of their own or a collection at their organization
  • They will leave with knowledge or preservation techniques that should be used, and how volunteering with Storrowton Village can help you begin your journey.
Exploring the Exposition
  • Since it's first fair in 1916, the Eastern States Exposition has spent over a century being committed to excellence in providing year-round opportunities for the development and promotion of:
  • agriculture
  • education
  • industry
  • family entertainment
  • preservation of New England heritage.
    • Through this over one hundred year long history, the Exposition has endured flooding and wars while bringing unique opportunities to visitors of the fair.
    • Learn about the evolution of the Exposition and how you can get involved with the organization today with volunteering opportunities across the grounds, including the historic Storrowton Village.

If you are interested in requesting Creative Arts at The Big E and Storrowton Village to come speak to you and your group please fill out this form!
To learn more about volunteering at Storrowton Village and Creative Arts at The Big E see here.
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